PERFORMANCE & EVENT PROMOTION begins with a strong visual to express each event's unique flavor and personality. The designs should work for all possible formats- print, web, social media and email marketing.  Promoting the monthly performances and events at the Ruth Asawa San Francisco School of the Arts requires quick creative solutions for print and web.

The challenge: to reinforce the brand of a single, unified, creative community, and simultaneously highlight the individuality of the different arts disciplines.

In addition to designing the print and web materials for the 80+ events presented annually at SOTA, one of the many perks of being the chief designer for SOTASHOWS is the opportunity to branch out and work with the burgeoning young talents from the artistic community at the School of the Arts.  Many of them take on outside projects and it has been an honor to be able to help them on their way to their bright futures.

The show must go on! And it does. Every few weeks. 




SOTA STORIES began with a single post and evolved into an ongoing series of personal portraits posted to social media to keep a school community engaged and interested during the extended periods when school was not in session. The successful series ran for three years. The stories shine a spotlight on the Ruth Asawa San Francisco School of the Arts' most precious natural resource–and probably it’s most valuable marketing tool– the students, teachers, and artists-in-residence. Each story is unique and contributes to the bigger story. Some are old, forgotten stories and there are always new stories. Uncovering the facts and writing the stories is serendipitous for all: the writer, the reader, and the subject. Initially, many believe their story is run of the mill and not terribly interesting, but after coaxing the facts out of them, even they have to agree that what they are up to is pretty cool. See what you think.



BRAND BUILDING SOTA, the San Francisco public arts high school– grew up in a world before branding.

After a year-long conversation with David Zapata, a parent in the school community and a designer at the San Francisco branding studio, Cakewalk, the current brand was developed. Since then, the mission has been to support and reinforce the brand and what it represents: an exciting, colorful, creative environment.

Initially, the announcements only highlighted a single month, limiting their shelf life and their audience reach; excess material became obsolete within 30 days. Now, SOTA stays ahead of the curve, and uses a double-sided piece to promote  their current calendar items and their upcoming events at the same time.  By maximizing the functionality of the printed materials, the school is also more environmentally and fiscally responsible by reducing waste and costs. 



THE MAIN GOAL: to create messages that people look forward to receiving in any format. Here is a sampling of successful ongoing campaigns created for a public arts high school and also a non-profit supporting music, art and the environment. Follow any of the links and see what's been delivered to thousands of people over the past 7 years.



08/20/2018 - Young Heart Album Release Show • Cafe du Nord • Thursday 7-10 PM • 05/30/2018 - Orchestra Finale from Ruth Asawa SOTA Instrumental Music • 05/15/2018 - You lived through a Takeover and a Disaster.  • 04/10/2018 - April. Pretty awesome. • 03/23/2018 - Check the weather for May. • 03/20/2018 - Last blast before break...March 21-23 • 02/09/2018 - An Invitation from Ruth Asawa San Francisco School of the Arts • 02/04/2018 - This's ALIVE!!!! • 01/31/2018 - 3000 People or More.... • 01/31/2018 - A Full Plate for February.... • 01/22/2018 - Thursday Evening at Sip  • 01/19/2018 - Welcome to the Weekend...and a new season of Asawa SOTA Shows! • 11/28/2017 - Countdown to the New Year • 11/28/2017 - Friends can count on Friends. • 11/13/2017 - Band & Orchestra 2017 Winter Showcase Concert • 11/02/2017 - Jazz, Just Jazz...November 3 • 11/01/2017 - and now...NOVEMBER 1-15! • 05/19/2017 - GOODBYE AND HELLO


07/27/2018 - Finally! Friday and FULL. • 07/24/2018 - What's so great about this working week? • 06/23/2018 - The same. But different. Tomorrow at 2PM. • 06/04/2018 - A beautiful, intimate bonus recital! • 04/28/2018 - Marian Yang: one of the nicest people in the world. • 04/25/2018 - Julie Michael: exciting new languages • 04/19/2018 - Evan Kahn: The Colors of the Cello • 04/13/2018 - Vortex Temporum. April 28, Saturday at 8pm • 04/13/2018 - The merits of proofreading. • 04/13/2018 - Vortex Temporum. April 28, Saturday at 8pm • 02/24/2018 - Tonight, get toasty. • 02/23/2018 - Stronghold. Tomorrow night. A sensory experience. • 02/21/2018 - An Iranian Bartok- Persian Folk Songs.  • 02/18/2018 - Sonic spiderwebs. Voices from the Nettle-Path. • 02/15/2018 - The calm after the storm. • 02/10/2018 - Thank you, Ford Mylius Lallerstedt.  • 11/22/2017 - We can reach, when you reach. • 11/18/2017 - A story about Dusan Bogdanovic.  • 10/30/2017 - Lou, who? • 10/15/2017 - The First of Three - New Music from After Everything




It was an election year: the perfect opportunity for demonstrating the value of the vote, the mechanics of media and propaganda, and the responsibility of the Fourth Estate.  A routine, short-term, volunteer commitment at a local public middle school became a 9-month engagement, creating and implementing curriculum for a 7th grade Journalism class. The success of the project resulted in a regular digital design class which met 4 days a week for the next two years, co-sponsored by the Stonestown YMCA, as part of their after-school program. Students received instruction in design and video production, practical advice on responsible use of social media, and invitations to screen their completed works in district festivals. Word got around and a similar class was set up for K-5 kids which ran for a few years through the non-profit organization which supported a local elementary school. Future screenwriters, designers, cinematographers, directors, animators, actors, and social pundits participated in collaborative projects and also worked independently, learning how to take an idea and transform it into a coherent finished piece. Not sure who learned more or had more fun, myself or the students. Probably about even. 

GUMBO AND GOLD TEETH • Zakia and Darreyana talk about family. 6th Grade, Aptos Middle School.

VENGA BAILAR • Brieanna tries her hand at stop frame photo animation. 8th Grade, Aptos Middle School.

HIP HOP GRAFFITI • Aptos Aerosol Art Club works on a school yard mural. Grades 6-8.

EARTH, TAKE CARE OF HER • Brieanna talks about her native country, the planet, and our responsibilities.

I LOVE DOGS • One of Kameya's many creative endeavours and a fascination with the early iPod campaign. 6th grade, Aptos Middle School.

SNEAKERS AND HOODIES • Two 6th graders are inspired by Photoshop and a few of their favorite things.

I WANT TO TAKE A PICTURE • Harvey Milk kids talk about their school. Grades K-5.

MONKEY BUSINESS • Simple drawings and photos come alive with a very creative soundtrack. 7th grade.

LIGHTS ON • Students document their experience through video, photos, and an original soundtrack.

BOOM BOOM POW • This 6th grader loved drawing and then tried her hand at designing with Photoshop.

REDUCE WORLD SUCK! • Two students from different grades and backgrounds join forces for a cause.



Photo collage illustrations for a very limited edition book project, My Dear Boa Constrictor, handmade for Malcolm McNeill.