AMINA AINEB (CW 2017), is reading, writing, drawing and dreaming, Recently returned from a whirlwind tour of France and England and a visit to Washington DC and Gettysburg, she is happy to simply enjoy the rest of her summer holiday.

Amina is “looking forward to the general SOTA and CW environment…but of course, I'm mostly looking forward to reading and writing with my peers.” Until that happens, Amina is tackling the summer reading assignments for Honors English and Creative Writing, but she’s not stopping there. She’s got her eye on the Quran, Haruki Murakami and maybe some Stephen King.

What was it about Stonehenge that made it one of the high points of her trip? The mythology, the mystery of its origins, the eerie atmosphere.

Less mysterious, but equally captivating was Shakespeare and Company, the bookstore on Paris’ Left Bank, an infamous gathering place for writers in the 1920s. Amina paid homage to the spirits of Ezra Pound, Gertrude Stein and Ernest Hemingway while marveling at the typewriter and chair where James Joyce birthed sections of “Ulysses”. The perfect tourist stop for this aspiring C-Dub, which is how Heather Woodward, Creative Writing chair, affectionately refers to her young charges.

A typical American teenager in Paris? Hardly.
An incoming SOTA student? Clearly.

Pictured here: Portrait of the Artist as a Young Woman. With Max.