BRAD HOGARTH (IM, DIRECTOR OF BAND) and his trumpet will be performing at the Pacific Music Festival, an international educational music festival held in Sapporo, Japan.

Founded in 1990 by Leonard Bernstein, conductor, composer and educator, the "Pacific" in PMF stands for "Peace”, embodying Bernstein's passionate wish to contribute to world peace through music. Each year, promising young musicians from around the world are selected through a highly competitive audition process and are invited to bring fresh interpretations to traditional repertoire, transcending national boundaries and languages.

When Brad returns in August, he will head north to participate in “Music in the Vineyards”, a Chamber Music Festival celebrating food, wine and music in the Napa Valley, where he will be performing in Stravinsky’s “The Soldier’s Tale". One of the centerpieces of the 19th season of the festival, this fully-staged version of “The Soldier’s Tale”, is a special event presented in collaboration with the Napa Valley Museum.

Jumping puddles? Actually, it's a little bigger leap than that.