BRIGITTE WANG (IM 2014) feels with her ears, learns with her nose, and sees with her hands. As a violinist, she listens to her instrument, pulls her bow across the strings to produce beautiful sounds. As a gardener in her internships at Summer Sprouts, she pokes seeds into soil, surrounded by the rich aromas of agriculture, harvest and sustenance., gaining a deeper sense of how plants and people grow. As a comic artist and enthusiast, she turns thoughts and experiences- both real and imaginary- into drawings that tell a story. As a volunteer this summer at one of the labs at UCSF, she will be doing histology work, learning about the microscopic anatomy of cells and tissues of plants and animals.

Brigette is interested in the interconnectedness of things and worlds within worlds. She wants to be a scientist; more specifically, a neuroscientist. Traditionally recognized as a branch of biology, neuroscience is now considered an interdisciplinary science that relies on a blend of chemistry, computer science, engineering, linguistics, mathematics, medicine, and allied disciplines, philosophy, physics, psychology, and more. 

So, a comic book artist gardener violinist in a white lab coat isn't really that far-fetched!