CRISTINA REY (PIANO 2014) lives life like a piano. What you get out of it, depends on how you play it. In early June, she judged the Non-Classical piano competition at the San Mateo County Fair, listening, observing, and evaluating a wide variety of performances and music– jazz pieces, show tunes, and original compositions. She also spent two weeks at the Brandeis Hillel Day School, working with kids in grades K-5 reading stories, assisting with arts and crafts, and supervising athletics and playground time.

Guillermo Rey, Cristina's father, is a retired international chess master. During the summer months, he runs a chess camp where students play and analyze games and watch world championship chess games live on the internet. Cristina helps out with setting up the online streaming, supervising breaks, and teaching the youngest kids how to play.

Where does Sylvia Plath come in? Tulips. The poem that Cristina selected to recite as an exercise for her Mock Trail coach. Cristina's assignment? "To read a poem to my coach and make him add another dimension to my presentation in court...The main coach is Clifford Yin, who I have to read to. He's done amazing things for us and the community and works at a big law firm."

Dedicated, upbeat, and accomplished, Bay Area attorney Clifford Yin is exuberant in his support of SOTA Mock Trial team, and the intensity and enthusiasm they bring to their scrimmages and competitions. During a brief phone interview from his family vacation in Hawaii last week, he also mentioned that in the many years he has been involved with Mock Trial (having worked with Julie Coghlan even before she joined the Ruth Asawa School of the Arts English faculty), SOTA students are extremely well-suited to the kind of brainpower, energy, and passion required for Mock Trail competition.

Cristina is currently on a trip in the Florida Keys with fellow musician Lina Miller (IM 2014). In August, Cristina will visit Mexico City and Cancun with her own family before classes resume. She will have her AP Literature summer reading assignment tucked into her carry-on, as well as the music supplement she's been working on for the Common App. Like any good chess player, always strategizing for the next move, but completely savoring the current one. 

Must be in the genes.