JORDAN LEE (IM 2014) is up to the challenge. The Fast Fish Challenge that is. As a volunteer this summer at the Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park, he’s been working at the tide pool, presenting some of the collections and helping visitors learn about how the specialized traits of fish are vital to their different living environments. The Fast Fish Challenge is part of the new Built for Speed exhibit about the boats of the America's cup and fish adaptation. The challenge is to build a fish out of different magnetic parts using a list of adaptations provided, often with very interesting results: “ fictitious fast fish,,, with fanciful fins…”

Equally challenging are Jordan’s other summer projects: a recital with a brass quintet at the Bronstein Music school, a second recital with his private trumpet teacher, Stephen Bell and his job at the Silver Dragon Kung Fu School.

At the Silver Dragon Kung Fu School, Jordan helps out with the summer camp and teaches lion dance, a form of traditional dance in Chinese and Indonesian cultures, and taught in most Chinese martial arts schools.

Frequently mistaken for the dragon dance, in this dance, the lion is operated by one person, who mimics a lion’s movements. The performers are inside of the lion and their faces are covered. In a dragon dance, the dragon is held up on poles and the performers are fully visible. 

“Shaolin Soccer” is one of Jordan’s favorite films and he lives with a dog that has super powers. Send Jordan a shout out. Today is his birthday!

Pictured here with Jet.