JOSIE WEIDNER (CW 2016) joined Noa Mendoza (CW 2016) in Mexico at the start of the summer break. They visited Noa’s family and indulged in the glittering blue ocean, warm weather and delicious tropical fruits of Puerto Escondido. They were especially captivated by the museums of nearby Oaxaca, set in old, castle-like churches. 

Early in their stay, they visited one situated in a palatial church with a huge botanical garden in the back, which featured exhibits on the history of the city. “We went once and then again on our last day. The security guards thought we didn't speak Spanish and they kept talking, in Spanish, about how funny we were for coming back a second time!”

Back from Mexico, plans for a trip to upstate New York were derailed, so Josie plunged right into her summer reading assignments and her Saturday job at the Ferry Plaza farmers market, selling vegetables for her very favorite farm, Eatwell. 

On an especially memorable Tuesday at San Francisco City Hall, the midwife who’d assisted at the home births of Josie and her two sisters got married to her girlfriend of twenty years. All the children she’d helped bring into the world were present- ranging in age from 8 months to 22 years old. To honor this joyous celebration of life, Josie and her sisters walked down the aisle with bouquets of babies instead of flowers. 

In August, Josie plans to spend a week in Point Reyes on a backpacking trip with a summer camp she’s attended since she was a child. She is looking forward to some time on the trails, breathing in the costal sea air, and sleeping under the stars. 

With one last week of summer break left after her time in Point Reyes, Josie is giving herself a special gift- the jewel in the crown of her summer. “This week is dedicated to something I have always wanted to do…learn how to surf.” Josie and her friend Clara have signed up for lessons in Pacifica, surfing four hours a day. They anticipate pro status by the time school starts! In between all these adventures, she’s been writing a lot in her notebooks and “of course…lusting after beautiful cowboys.”