LYNDSEY SCHLAX (Social Sciences faculty, Student Government and Extra-Curricular Activities Advocate) is a gardener. She helps to make things– and people –grow.

In her very own yard this summer, she’s coaxing tomatoes, squash, green beans, kale and cauliflower to an end-of-the-summer harvest.

On a recent Southern California adventure, she encouraged one and a half-year-old Emmett to be bold, introducing him to Dumbo, Winnie the Pooh and Peter Pan. (He drew the line at Tigger- maybe next time).

At SOTA, Ms. Schlax feeds her students hearty portions of AP American History, Modern World History and soon, a class entirely dedicated to Student Government and Activities. During lunch, after school and sometimes even on the weekends, Ms. Schlax can typically be found surrounded by students, eager to minister to the business of Student Government, Club Rush, Lovefest, Mayfest, Field Day and all of the school dances, including Prom. She coordinates fundraising each year for things like class gifts and supplies for clubs, as well as Prom scholarships and campus improvements.

Its no surprise that Ms. Schlax places such a high value on the importance of artistic, academic and social growth.
In her adolescence, she attended an arts high school much like SOTA. After graduating from the South Orange County School of the Arts (SOCSA), she went on to UC Berkeley and San Diego State, earned a Bachelor of the Arts in History and then earned her Masters degree in Teaching at the University of San Francisco.

In addition to the minds and spirits she nurtures both at home, at school and in Disneyland, Ms. Schlax continues to feed her own appetite for growth. She is currently in the process of working on an advanced teacher credential. The National Boards is a 1-3 year program of reflecting on teaching practices and demonstrating effectiveness, professionalism and value as an educator before a national committee.

When she's not cozy in her corner on the first floor at SOTA, Ms. Schlax can be found in Alameda with her family, who happily share a property line with her sister. Her husband proposed to her at SOTA during Prom three years ago.