ANDY KOO (MEDIA 2012) came to San Francisco for junior year and landed at SOTA in the Media department. Like an alien life form making his way back to his long lost planet, he cultivated lasting friendships with students and teachers, and connected in a vital genuine way.

A full-time student during the year at Santa Monica College pursuing film and television studies, he is currently taking summer classes to fulfill his general education credits, with plans to apply to film school at both USC and UCLA for film and television production.

During his time at Santa Monica College, Andy has become an active member of Phi Theta Kappa (PTK), an honor society that promotes school activities and also supports volunteering for the LA Marathon, Heal the Bay, and the Boys and Girls Clubs in and around SAnta Monica. 

Encouraged by friends, he stepped up to run for a board member position in the society and won – no surprise there! Andy is now the Inter-Club Council Delegate of PTK, responsible for maintaining and improving communications between PTK and the Inter-Club Council and promoting good public relations with other clubs.

Aside from his school and community-related activities, he works as a photographer for IOTA BREW CAFE, a premier Los Angeles hotspot for coffee and culture and stays inspired by watching and re-watching Doctor Who and Sherlock. Thank you, BBC America!