GRAHAM THILLE (Theatre 2008) is “making book” which, according to the urban dictionary, is something you can count on. Eventually, along with his co-conspirators at the newly formed Bay Area Theatre Company (aka BATCO), he will most likely be “making bank”; also something you can probably count on.

At SOTA, Sairus played the Beast in the mainstage production of “Beauty and the Beast”, directed by the late Dan Kryston. After graduation, he headed south to UCLA to study acting, but transferred to the School of Drama at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh the following year.

In Fall 2012, he was accepted to study at NIDA, Australia's National Institute of Dramatic Art in Sydney, New South Wales. NIDA offers training for theatre, film and television, but is best known for its acting course. A dream gig for Sairus, whose list of heroes include: Hugh Jackman, Philip Quast, Russel Crowe, Geoffery Rush, Hugo Weaving, Cate Blanchett, among others.

A review of Sairus' role as Capulet in a CMU production of Romeo and Juliet lauded his vitality and believability and praised his good sense of the character. He went on to implement this sense of character in more than just his onstage performances.

While in school, three of his pieces-“The Secret Life of Trees”, "The Reduced Tales of the Brothers Grimm", and “Spare Mom?”- were selected to be performed in the CMU School of Drama yearly theatre festival, Playground.

“The Secret Life of Trees” was one of my favorite pieces that I wrote…and "Spare Mom?"..was my very well received 1-man show about growing up with 2 moms. It is the work that I am most proud of.”

Sairus is the book writer at BATCO– the "book" being the textual portion of a musical; the lines that are spoken and not sung. He is currently living in Los Angeles, pursuing his dream to one day walk away from an explosion in an action movie.

Sairus in "Spare Mom", his one-man show, 2013.