SYDNEY MARESCA (THEATRE, 1994) headed East from the School of theArts almost 20 years ago to earn a Bachelor of the Arts from Sarah Lawrence College and then moved downtown to NYU for a Master of Fins Arts degree in Design for Stage and Film.

Nominated for a Henry Hewes Design Award for Best Costume Design in 2011 and a winner of the Opera America Robert L.B.Tobin Designer-Director Showcase, Sydney is a member of the Theatre Arts faculty at Western Connecticut State University in Danbury, Connecticut.

She has designed costumes for numerous productions, is a resident designer with The Debate Society (OBIE, 2012), and recently completed work for a new film, "Breakup at a Wedding", as well as designing two Juilliard opera productions.

To see some of Sydney's fantastic work, therre will be a free screening of "Breakup at a Wedding", a new comedy directed by Victor Quinaz, and produced by Zachary Quinto (Mr Spock of Star Trek and Sylar, from NBC's Heroes).

Tuesday, June 18, 8:30 pm, at the 4-Star Theatre, 4400 Clement Street.