VICKY HUANG (Vocal 2016) is headed to the Tehachapi Mountains this Sunday. A day’s drive from San Francisco, at an elevation of almost 4000 feet, she will spend a week at Tools for Peace Summer Teen Camp. 

Vicky attended Tools for Peace two years ago as a student, when she participated in Aim High, a program for middle school students in the San Francisco Unified School District. This year she will return as a peer mentor.

Vicky was a classroom volunteer at Aim High, observing how teachers work with kids, and prepare and follow lesson plans. She got to teach a class that focused on issues and choices, the importance of personal values and how students can begin to think about successfully navigating the path from high school to college to a career. 

At Tools for Peace, Vicky will spend a week on 475 acres of beautiful forest. Accepting only 30 applicants, the Summer Teen Camp staff is made up of talented professional artists, musicians, athletes, and trained facilitators dedicated to serving teens. and teaching practical methods for cultivating compassion, peace and wellbeing through training in mindfulness and meditation. She’ll also have the opportunity to do yoga, go horseback riding, swim and enjoy the more typical summer camp activities.

“The thing that inspired me to go back to Tools for Peace are just how the lessons taught there help so much in life..lessons on the commonality of suffering and how to be compassionate, and its so great to be in a quiet place for a week to just get in touch with yourself when the city is so busy and bustling. i want to be part of that again but also to learn to develop as a leader and be a good role model as well.

In anticipation of the Vocal department January trip to New York and Carnegie Hall she’s been practicing a lot and rehearsing with her fundraising group whose repertoire includes both contemporary and classical pieces. Vicky sings alto and doesn’t normally listen to classical music but she’s been doing a lot more of that for the fundraising and is finding it "very different in a really great way."

She decided to take the opportunity of not having daily homework to indulge in reading novels and poetry - The Perks of Being a Wallflower” and T.S. Eliot, among others– so she’s counting on perfecting her annotating skills and completing her summer reading deep in the forest.